For those living relatively comfortably under coronavirus restrictions, ‘going without’ means giving up a few luxuries. For those in more difficult circumstances, ‘going without’ is about simply trying to survive.

Right now, many of the poorer families in South Africa just don’t have enough food. The One People Fund is actively committed to changing that. Our aim is to sustain the people living in vulnerable communities by providing them with maize.

Through your donations, from wherever you may be in the world, we’re able to continue this vital work. We thank you.

Doing the right thing, at the right time.

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Maize for the Month

South Africa’s informal settlements (townships) are home to its poorest people. Average household income in areas such as Tembisa (pop. approx. 1.1m), Alexandra (pop. approx. 700,000), Vosloorus (pop. approx. 800,000) is below R70,000 (USD 3600) per annum. Much of the employed population are casual labourers who do not get paid if they are not working. Due to the COVID 19 lockdown, this has been the case since March 2020.

Maize Meal is one of the cheapest forms of sustenance for much of Africa’s population. Whilst living off maize alone by no means constitutes a balanced diet, it is a long-life product that is easy to transport and distribute fast and in large volumes. The maize meal we distribute is often combined with parcels consisting of different food types to provide a more balanced meal. A 12.5kg bag of maize meal can sustain a family of 4 people for 2-3 weeks. The cost of one bag is R65 (USD 3.50) or R5,500 (USD 290) for a ton.

There are those in our society who are invisible. Help them feel seen.


Continue to deliver ~200,000 meals a week to the most vulnerable.

Our Story

The initiative was founded by two South African property companies - Exemplar and Capstone Property Group. Its function is to pool large amounts of funding in order to benefit from bulk pricing discounts and then to ensure that the maize is distributed to trustworthy, non-political, non-profit partners, who are geared for mass distribution.

Exemplar’s 28 township and rural shopping centres make for very strategic distribution points. Onward delivery then takes place via a trusted network of NGO’s such as Afrika Tikkun, Soul Food, Rays of Hope and SA Harvest who collect the maize from these malls and get it out into the surrounding communities.

We have partnered with The Click Foundation, a Section 18A registered, non-profit trust.

There are no other costs in the company. All funds donated go towards the purchasing of food.