Through your generosity, we’ve delivered food for:

7.34 Million Meal Portions



Continue to deliver ~200,000 meals a week to the most vulnerable.


Let’s work as one people.


~25% of South Africa's ~60 million people live in townships and >50% do not have enough money to buy food at the moment. In response, the OnePeople Fund was formed by Capstone Property Group & Exemplar REITail, in partnership with Click Foundation (a Section 18A registered, non-profit Trust). The Fund buys maize in bulk and in partnership with local Non-Profits, distributing ~370,000+ meals each week to many of South Africa's most vulnerable. 100% of all donations received are channelled directly into distributing food to those who need it most.

Maize for the Month

South Africa’s informal settlements (townships) are home to its poorest people. Average household income in areas such as Tembisa (population 1.1m), Alexandra (population 700,000), Vosloorus (population +- 800,000) is below R70,000 (USD 3600) per annum. Much of the employed population are casual labourers who do not get paid if they are not working. Due to the COVID 19 lockdown, this has been the case since March 2020.

Maize Meal is one of the cheapest forms of sustenance for much of Africa’s population. Whilst living off maize alone by no means constitutes a balanced diet, it is a long-life product that is easy to transport and distribute fast and in large volumes. The maize meal we distribute is often combined with parcels consisting of different food types to provide a more balanced meal. A 12.5kg bag of maize meal can sustain a family of 4 people for 2- 3 weeks. The cost of one bag is R65 (USD 3.50) or R5,500 (USD 290) for a ton.

There are those in our society who are invisible.

Help them feel seen.